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 Kirlian Photography and Auras

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Pat R
Pat R

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Kirlian Photography and Auras Empty
PostSubject: Kirlian Photography and Auras   Kirlian Photography and Auras Icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2009 5:07 am

Many members may be familiar with the term 'Aura', but some of you may not have heard of Kirlian photography.
In 1939, during experiments with high voltage electricity, Professor Semyon Kirlian discovered corona shaped 'auras' on photographs that he took of his own hands. He then began capturing more by using his technique to photograph other objects and people. I first heard about Kirlian photography when I visited a hypnotherapist in Sheffield. At that time, his partner (who was a parapsychologist) used Kirlian photography as a diagnostic tool. Many people believe Kirlian photography can show up illness and disease in the body, before any bodily symptoms are felt or appear. I once read somewhere, in the early days after it was first discovered, Kirlian photography was used on someone, this subject's aura appeared very muddy and the edges of the corona (aura) were indistinct. Days later, this subject came down with a particularly virulent infection.
Many Kirlian photographs have been taken of leaves and other organic materials. A distinct aura can clearly be seen all around them. Even after a piece of the leaf or organic material had been removed, the aura still remained intact and the outline showed the full leaf shape. This has been used as an explanation as to why patient's who have limbs amputated, still say they feel these, or experience itching sensations on limbs, or toes, no longer there.
Though many skeptics don't agree or accept this, I personally believe the 'missing limb' Kirlian photography theory to be true. Both my grandfather and my great aunt (his sister) both suffered with circulatory problems, so both ended up having their legs removed. However, both said they still felt sensations as if those missing limbs were still there. I believe our auras are linked to our spiritual body and this remains intact, no what what happens to the physical body.
As I'm a medium, many times I've received messages from people's loved ones who have passed over. In life, many suffered horrific accidents, or illnesses, some of which resulted in amputation, yet all these souls have told me to tell their loved ones, since passing over to the Higher side of life, they are now whole once more.
Kirlian photographs do look different to Auric photograph, but Kirlian is quite an old technique by today's standards.
To help show you what Kirlian photographs looks like, and how these differ from auric photographs, I've posted the following link, which I hope you will find interesting.
What are your thoughts about Kirlian and Auric photography? Do you agree with the Kirlian 'missing limb' theory? If not, why not? Have you ever had any Kirlian or Auric photographs taken yourself, or do you use these methods of photography? Please share your experiences with us.

Blessings - Pat R
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Kirlian Photography and Auras
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