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 What is Mediumship (including Trance and Physical Mediumship)

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Pat R

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PostSubject: What is Mediumship (including Trance and Physical Mediumship)   Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:14 pm

This link posted by First Spiritual Temple (US Christian Spiritualist Church) contains information regarding What is Mediumship (including Trance and Physical Mediumship) the Ethics of Mediumship and Pioneers in Mediumship and Psychic Research. On this site you'll also find these other topics; When Your Pet Dies: Animals and Survival. Journey of the Soul: Death & Dying, The Mystery of Spirit-Soul-Body, The Question of Reincarnation, and information about Spiritual Healing. Not all Spiritualist churches are Christian Spiritualist Churches, therefore not all churches incorporate the bible into their services or teachings. I feel the information (particularly that on mediumship, pioneers and healing) applies to both Christian and non-Christian Spiritualism.


I hope anyone who's interested in developing their mediumship abilities will find this interesting, as it explains why development is much better when undertaken within a developing, or home, circle environment.

Blessings - Pat R
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What is Mediumship (including Trance and Physical Mediumship)
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