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 Cosmic Ordering

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PostSubject: Cosmic Ordering   Cosmic Ordering Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 5:13 pm

You need to believe this will work and more importantly you need to believe you are worthy of recieving what you order, half -hearted orders, or orders placed with doubts, and orders placed by people who think they are somehow not good enough to deserve to recieve what they ask for will invariably fail with their orders.

Be specific, be positive, believe you deserve it and believe it can happen and it will I have witnessed this working twice in the last few years and they were big orders but it happened and it can happen for you.

A note of caution do be careful what you ask for, this is why you need to be very specific, to wish for a new car on your drive may happen, but it may be one a drunk driver has crashed through your fence and ran over your cat to end up there, you will have got exactly what you asked for (a new car on your drive) but it wouldn't be what you really wanted.

In the example above you should place your order similar to the one below,write down your requirements as precisely as you can. Place this order with the picture mentioned below and put it somewhere you can see it regularly.

I'm cosmic ordering a new car, (a picture of the car you'd like is good as it gives you a focus.)
The car must belong to me and must be safe, reliable and affordable.
I need the car within the next three months.

I'd like the car to be blue and have five doors and a large boot etc etc.

You can order anything in this way, always try to be specific and more importantly positive, the example above is a huge request, you could start small and build up to bigger things, please let us know of your successes with this.

~You do not make friends...you recognise them.~
Wilhelm Busch
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PostSubject: Re: Cosmic Ordering   Cosmic Ordering Icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 3:06 pm


I write every morning and night in my Gratitude book, the left hand side is for 'gratitude now' and the right page is for 'gratitude intentions', you have to write it like you already have it. Over the past few weeks my sales on ebay and Avon have increased big time. Ive also had an increase in the work I do. So if you believe it can work it will work. Im working on a holiday now :rofl: .

Love & light

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Cosmic Ordering
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