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 Opening the doors...

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PostSubject: Re: Opening the doors...   Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:13 am

hi Fluffy

I wouldn't worry about the giving up caffeine bit - wait until you choose your teacher, as they will give you any pre-attunement instructions.

when you have been attuned to level I, you can practice on friends, family, pets, plants, etc. You also have to 'self-heal' for 21 days. after that yu can go on to do your level II attunement. this involves learning about the reiki symbols, which gives your healing a 'boost'! Then you can become a practitioner and give reiki to 'strangers'. when you have been practising at level II for a while, you can then take your level III attunement (also known as masters) - this allows you to 'teach' reiki to others.

But how you do it depends on the person you choose to attune you. some 'masters' teach over a couple of days, others during one day only, some will allow you do reiki I & II within a couple of days of each other, whereas some prefer you to have time to practice on yourself and others.

I would suggest that once you have a vague idea about what reiki is and that you would like to practice it, then find a teacher --- you can google reiki masters on the web, or look on the reiki association websites, speak to a couple of them, find out how each one teaches, what they charge, what their expectations are, etc. then when you find one that you feel comfortable with book your course . . .

Reiki is an art that is passed down from master to pupil - there are slight variations between each one so it is important that you feel comfortable with the person who is teaching you.

hope that is helpful - if i'm wrong on any points i'm sure there will be a more experienced reiki person who can help you (and me!) out a bit more

good luck with your reiki!!
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PostSubject: Re: Opening the doors...   Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:18 am

:tyou: thanks thats alllllll clearer now.i searched for a local reiki 'master' {hey im gettin the lingo lol}on the net,and was pleased to find the email address of a lady i already know!she started off as a customer of ours,coming to buy incense etc and has now become more of a friend also.i have recently started doing guided meditation with her monthly and she is a lovely lady.i knew she did past life regression,meditation,etc etc and that she practised reiki,but didnt realise that she also 'taught' {not sure what the expression is} reiki also till i found it on the net.well i have emailed but heard nothing back yet,but i am seeing her on tues for the guided meditation so will hopefully find out if she still does this/when/how much etc.
i shall also as you advise look for and speak to others to find one i feel most happy with,thanks for all your help,fluffy xx
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PostSubject: Re: Opening the doors...   Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:23 am

Hi All, just felt the need to share, i too did my reiki level one attunement last year, and when giving reiki to myself or friends and family i only saw colours, just this past 2 weeks on doing reiki treatments on friends i have started seeing faces, jewelry, feathers, animal prints etc, so i got intouch with my reiki master as i was not sure what was going on or if spirit was trying to pass on messages for the people i have been doing the reiki on. All very intresting, and i have just read all the posts on here. I cannot see aura's as of yet though but i am sure that will come in time and when i am ready. So thank you for this post.
Love GA Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Opening the doors...   

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Opening the doors...
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