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 Malcolm Smith - Healer

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Pat R
Pat R

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PostSubject: Malcolm Smith - Healer   Malcolm Smith - Healer Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 9:20 am

I first really got to know Malcolm and his wife Kath, after I began teaching at the Havercroft Skills Centre where I taught IT for 10 years. At that time Malcolm had just written his book 'Healer'. His book was published for him by someone who'd benefitted through his healing. Before he became a healer, Malcolm owned his own business (he even had a second hand Rolls Royce). A medium told him he had healing abilities and said, next time his wife Kath was ill, Malcolm should try these out. He did and was amazed when his healing worked. Despite his success with Kath, Malcolm still doubted his abilities and it took quite a while before he became convinced that he was indeed a healer.
Over the years, Malcolm's had some outstanding results. However, at one point, Malcolm and his family paid a heavy price for his gift. Malcolm's reputation was such that he used to have queues of people coming to his home for healing at one point. He would never charge for his healing. As having people coming to his home, often interfered with his family's (particularly his children's) day to day life, Malcolm decided to open a Healing Clinic in Wakefield. Malcolm still only asked for donations and wouldn't charge patients for his healing. In the end this led to him losing his business and having to sell one of the cottages his grandfather had left him, his children even sold their own toys to try and help. Despite the many people he helped, when Malcolm really needed help, there were only 2 people who stood by him. He managed to get another job and so managed to get back on his feet financially again. It was during this time I got to know Malcolm and Kath. Kath is what I call 'salt of the earth', she has stood by her husband every step of the way. Malcolm is an honest, decent, down to earth Yorkshire man with a truly amazing ability. He told me he desperately wanted to use his healing abilities, but he would never jeopardise his family's well-being again for it. His exact words were 'If God wants me to heal, he'll find me a way so I can do it without it affecting my family!'
Not long after this conversation Malcolm was invited to go to America to demonstrate. His tour proved very successful and USA welcomed him with open arms. The Edgar Cayce Institute showed an interest in his work (Edgar Cayce was often referred to as The Sleeping Prophet because he had the ability to place himself in self induced trance-like state, he also was known to many as the father of holistic medicine). Malcolm said he'd really welcome the opportunity to be involved with the Edgar Cayce Institute.
Due to me leaving teachings and family commitments, I lost touch with Malcolm and Kath and I haven't seen or heard anything about him for nearly 9 years - until yesterday that is! While searching for info regarding tests that were carried out on spiritual healing, I found the following link about Malcolm Smith, healer. When I opened the link below I was delighted to find Malcolm got his wish and has worked with Edgar Cayce Institute. No-one deserves this opportunity more, he's a wonderful man with an extraordinary gift. I hope one day I'll get to tell Malcolm or Kath that in person! Success hasn't changed him, Malcolm's still a Yorkshireman at heart (as you'll see if you watch the Video of his interview in the following).
If you'd like to find out more about Edgar Cayce, please use the following link to find out about him.

Blessings - Pat R
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Malcolm Smith - Healer
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