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 Nervous Flyer?

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PostSubject: Nervous Flyer?   Wed May 20, 2009 3:32 am

I just wanted to share this little encounter i had with AA Michael recently because its very handy for people who dont like travelling.

My new husband and i were on the way back from our honeymoon and i wanted to find a little bit of comfort during the flight as my husband is a VERY nervous flyer and he was starting to scare me a little (im normally fine with flying but he just kept shaking and jumping at every little bit of turbulence and it was upsetting me). So i gave him a handful of protective gemstones and said 'Look! if you can feel them buzzing with energy youre being protected by them!' and to his own surprise they were so he was able to relax. I however needed something a little more substantial so i asked for my favourite angel Michael who i discovered was at the front of the plane anyway, with a large host of other angels sitting on the wings and all over the plane just flying in with us. Michael then looked at me, laughed whilst shaking his head (!!!) and said he can never understand why humans are so afraid of flying (tsk, we dont have WINGS Michael- dur!!), but that he was going to light the path home for us. Then all of a sudden i could see this bright blue cord reaching far out into the distance illuminating our way. This connected us all the way home, from landing at the airport, getting the taxi, driving in the car and even through the front door. Even when i got home safe and sound the cord was available to view on any other journey i needed to see it showing me that all will be fine on our travels- or if the cord got a bit dark that there might be problems like turbulence or delays and i was able to prepare for it. So next time you have a bit of a troublesom journey ask for the blue cord to light the way. Its like the angel version of bread crumbs!
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PostSubject: Re: Nervous Flyer?   Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:12 am

that's an incredible story.

i am an extremely nervous flyer - although i fly quite regularly. perhaps i like living on the edge Wink

i only hope that perhaps some day i might be able to have a similar encounter to put me at ease. i'm sure i'd love flying if i could bring myself to let go of the arm rest Laughing
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Nervous Flyer?
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