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 Is anyone prepared to share experiences with reiki?

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Serene Tiger
Serene Tiger

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Is anyone prepared to share experiences with reiki? Empty
PostSubject: Is anyone prepared to share experiences with reiki?   Is anyone prepared to share experiences with reiki? Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2009 8:41 am

Hi Everyone,

Those of you from the S&D forum will already know that I am a reiki master practitioner & very soon I'll be starting my apprenticeship to be a teacher.

However, things took an unexpected turn at the weekend! I woke with a start in the early hours of Sunday morning with the thought that I had to write a book on reiki. I was given the title "The Reiki Experience" and a names for the chapters. I am sure this guidance has come from elsewhere, angels, ascended masters or guides - not sure which but it was such a powerful thing that I couldn't get back to sleep until I'd written it all down (luckily I had a pad by my bed) even in the dark!!

So now I am asking for your help. It would be fantastic if you could share with me your reiki experiences. These can be from receiving treatments, giving treatments and the whole attunement process. I believe this book will fill a gap in the market as those I've read or seen are always based on how to use reiki or the actual process ("text books" is suppose) whereas this will be something more experiential.

If you would like to contribute (and don't worry I'll only quote 1st names in the book) please email me at:


(NB there is an underscore between my name & mbs which you can't see easily!).

Thank you all,

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Is anyone prepared to share experiences with reiki?
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