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 think i have met my SG ?

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think i have met my SG ? Empty
PostSubject: think i have met my SG ?   think i have met my SG ? Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 3:11 pm

I wonder if this was my spirit guide?, the past few times i have meditated i have asked if my spirit guide would like to come through, anyhow i first got vision of like a totem pole in light blue, like a wooden one with some form of bird, anyhow i then saw a indian as in red indian, he was not looking directly at me, i asked him his name but got no reply. Next time i did some meditation i got a golden angel appear, again i asked for a name but no reply. Then the next time i meditated i saw a female lady red indian, again she was not looking directly in front of me and i got no name either. Is it possible that they do not have to give you a name?, just wondered if anyone can help how to communicate with them, thank's love GA. :meditate: :asmile: x
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think i have met my SG ?
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