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 My expieriments with Automatic writing.

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My expieriments with Automatic writing.  Empty
PostSubject: My expieriments with Automatic writing.    My expieriments with Automatic writing.  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 2:19 am

June 14th 2011

Im am heading to the studio to go rehearse for my dance workshop im hosting in the coming weeks, I feel as though Everything leading up to this has helped to get me excatly where i am today. I want to share my passion for dance with anywon who comes into my energy. we love you for that keep up what your doing we are here every step of the way dear one. open up. play. inspire. share your gifts. and receive the gifts of others. it is time for you to accept all that is into your life. it is time for you to open up to the enerygies that have been available to you this whole time. The TIME IS NOW you are a godsend your a messenger. you are a healer. you are one and all. you have expeirienced just the tip of the ice burg of what is to come into your life.

June 15th 2011

Laying in my bad after a very emotional tarot reading. Alot of good things are happening all around and through me. Im unsure of what to do in this moment. i know you wrote through me before and i would like to know your name and where you came from... hello, we are here . we come from a place that you wouldnt comprehend at this time. well in your time. and we would like to tell you to rest . relax alot of your hard work has paid off . youve asked for want you want and now you are receiving in full force. no need to worry and be unsure my child, you have impressed us very much on how quickly your learnning. we must go .

June 16th 2011

As i sit here and reflect on all that is happend i feel so blessed to be in your presense, i feel it at all times. I am wondering if you can tell me about the changes on our planet and what to expect leading up to and after december 21 2012.ah such a common question! there is definatly changes manifesting in your physycal realm. we will tell you this. you are going to start to feel more connected to everyone around, this is the result of more people coming in tune to the mass counsiessness. december 21 2012 represents the opening to the higher dimensions. there is alot to learn before you reach this point . can you tell me about some of my past lives? no, they are irrelivant at this point. you must continue to stay and the moment and focus on the future you wish to expierience, we have been working with you to heal and clean out any blocked or lower enrergies from you body. we are preparing you for what is to come. you don't know it yet but your life is going to change DRASTICALY and much sooner then you think! dear one, now that you have finnaly awoken it is time for your to live out your destiny by spreading our message to the masses. don't let yourself get down when things start to crumble around you. people who are now so close to you are already drifting away, and you can feel it too .

we are a people that are from a time you would perceive as the past, in a sence. we actually more beside you then your past . we are beings of love, similar to the pleiadies but from a diffrent star system. we chose you because we are actually a part of you, and you of us. you must realize that we can only tell you certain things at this point , because we don't want to alarm or over load you.

Can you tell me what is in store for me over the coming months? ive been seeing/hearing that ill e traveling alot. you are going to meet someone. who is very important to you and your future, they hold the key to helping you open up more to other humans on your planet. yes we also see that you will be traveling. that is part of the plan. you will be spreading our message farther then you think. hold on dear one. your in for quite the ride. we know your ready or we would not be telling you this. its time to start letting go of all that hinders you from achieving this. know that we are with you every step of the way. guiding you, healing you, encouraging you though this time. we are excited. we love you. relax now. goodbye.

June 17th 2011

I am wondering if you can give me some insight into my roomate lisa, she seems to be going through a rough time, and i feel as though i am needed to help guide her closer to the light. yes, you are right dear one, we would like you to know that your presence is having a great effect on her! you must not try and push her into anything she is not ready for . her time will come. she may not always admit it but she needs you just as much as you need her at this time. you both have a deep connection to each other and you must tap into that connection . show her the ways by being in the light yourself . she is also here to do great things. in her time they will happen. dont fret dear one, we are helping her aswell just as we are helping you.
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My expieriments with Automatic writing.
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