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 What first led me into Spiritual Healing by Pat R

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Pat R
Pat R

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What first led me into Spiritual Healing by Pat R Empty
PostSubject: What first led me into Spiritual Healing by Pat R   What first led me into Spiritual Healing by Pat R Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 7:58 am

For 20 years I suffered with pelvic inflammatory problems. Despite seeing several hospital specialists none of them could control my pain. Five years after I started with these problems, I had spiritual healing for the first time. Mrs Lawton (the lady who gave me spiritual healing) was also a platform medium who I met through the Spiritualist Church. I joined the The Yorkshire Healers Association as a Probationary member, then Mrs Lawton began training me to be a spiritual healer. After I moved to Wakefield, I joined the local spiritualist church and so began giving healing in church. Though I continued my membership with YHA, I joined National Federation of Spiritual Healers, as this organisation provided insurance cover for healing conducted within the spiritualist church.

During the time Mrs Lawton was training me to become a healer, she told me I would become a 'healer of the mind'. At that time, I didn't understand what she meant, but I now believe this is why my spirit guide Dr Franz Berhardt came into my life. Franz had once been a doctor who specialised in the treatment of TB, but he also studied diseases of the mind when psychiatry was still in its infancy. (You can read more about Dr Franz Berhardt in my Spirit Guides post).

For many years, spiritual healing did not cure me, but it definitely gave me a great deal of strength to cope with years of constant pain. I truly believe all things are sent to us for a reason and those years of pain helped mould me into the person I am today and gave me a deep understanding of what it's like to live in pain. This then enabled me to help others cope with their pain. Throughout all those years, I always believed if God wanted me well, one day, He would make me well and that day finally came in 1999. Many months after my marriage ended, I met an old acquaintance I'd once known at a spiritualist service I went too. We eventually became very close and we often gave each other spiritual healing. It was the healing he gave me that finally ended the 20 years of pain I'd previously experienced. These words come from Ecclesiastes : 'For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the sun'. I believe it was finally my time to be made well because my mother was coming to the end of her life. Less than a year after spiritual healing made me well, my mother passed away. At that point, I probably needed more strength than at any other time in my life!

Healing Angels have also stepped in and saved my life on more than one occasion. Once was when an anti-inflammatory drug I had been prescribed by a specialist nearly ended up killing me. The drug caused my blood cells to become abnormal. Had this abnormality not been found when it was, my GP told me I would certainly have developed leukaemia. That drug didn't kill me, but it did damage my immune system. Having had this 'drug-damage' experience, these days I rarely take tablets or conventional medicine (except antibiotics if I need these). Today, I'm a total believer in the Power of Healing and believe in the benefits of many holistic therapies, having tried most of them. My former GP also practiced acupuncture, hypnotherapy and homeopathy. Before NHS cutbacks, I had several acupuncture treatments from my GP. After these sessions, I told him about The Healing Foundation. The Healing Foundation has doctors and other medical professionals amongst its members.

On our Spiritual Quest forum there's an area specifically set up for Absent Healing. Please feel free to visit the Absent Healing section anytime, particularly if you'd like to request healing (You can request healing for People, Animals, Natural Disasters or for your Life Problems). We would also like to ask our members (particularly Healers) to send out healing thoughts to those in need.

Many thanks - Pat R
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What first led me into Spiritual Healing by Pat R
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