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 Chakric Hand Centre Exercise

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Pat R
Pat R

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Chakric Hand Centre Exercise Empty
PostSubject: Chakric Hand Centre Exercise   Chakric Hand Centre Exercise Icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2009 1:59 am

This exercise is designed to help your hands become more sensitive to other people's vibrations. Healers hands are very sensitive to the vibrations of their patients. Some spiritual healers don't actually touch their patients while they are giving them healing, they concentrate on the aura (energy field) around their patients instead. Even though no bodily contact takes place between the healer and patient during this form of healing, the patient will still experience movement from the healer's hands within the energy field that surrounds the patient's body. The following exercise is designed to show how you can feel the chakric energy fields in your hands.

It's important to relax your body, meditate for about 10 minutes and open your chakric centres so you will be ready to begin this exercise. (If you don't know how to open your chakras, please read the information I've posted on how to do this).

Ask your Higher Power or your Spirit Guide to assist you with this exercise.

After you've opened all your chakras, you should feel the chakras in your palms and fingertips become activated. The centre of your palms may start to feel warm, or you may feel a slight tingling sensation in your fingertips.

Without actually touching, place your palms quite close together and you should feel the warmth and a magnetic pulling sensation come from your palm chakras.

If you pull your palms gently away from each other, (a few centimetres is sufficient space) you should be able to feel the chakric energy being emitted from your palms. This energy is tangible, it feels like a soft 'slightly gluey' ball between your hands. If you pull your palms apart you should feel this ball of energy stretch. If you bring your palms closer together you should feel this energy contract and shrink.

Concentrate on the fingertips in your right hand next. Without actually touching the palm of your left hand with your fingertips, you should be able to feel the energy being emitted from your palms. This can feel warm, cool or be a tingling feeling. Repeat this process again, but this time use the fingertips on your left hand and feel the energy from your right palm instead.

Close your eyes next then use your right index finger to draw small circles in the air just above your left palm. You should be able to feel this movement in the energy field that is above your palm. Repeat this process, this time use your left index finger to draw circles above your right palm.

Why not practice this exercise with a friend or partner? See if you can feel each other's chakric energy fields.

Don't worry if you can't feel anything the first time you try this exercise. Keep practicing as often as you can, you'll find your hands will become more sensitive and energised.

Blessings - Pat R
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Chakric Hand Centre Exercise
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